Our philosophy

Think Green. Think Big. Focus on Impact. Go entrepreneurial style. Be real. Be diverse. Have fun while doing all this. This is what we stand for, today, tomorrow and the time in between!

Platform zero was created to accelerate our ambition to go to zero (emissions) and beyond. This means zero emissions, zero waste but also 100% transparency - lot’s of zero’s in 100% ;-). We are all about making a positive impact on the planet together with all the people around us. To make a real impact we dare to dream big and green. We are open and aim to treat both the planet as well as the people around us with the utmost respect. This means we are curious about the world, people and new tech and we aim to enjoy the ride.

Our values

Think big:

Aim for the moon, shoot for the stars. Without vision it is impossible to make a big impact.

Think and act green:

We are putting the planet first in all we do. This can mean taking the bike to work but also helping climate startups to scale.

Focus on impact:

To make impact it is key to always keep the end result in mind.

Be real:

To be truly sustainable, your story needs to add up and you should be transparent where possible.

Entrepreneurial style:

We are not tree huggers but we do love our planet so our approach is to save it from a business perspective.

Be diverse:

Diversity creates interesting conversations, gives new perspectives and boosts creativity. We embrace any race, gender or religion.

Impact areas

There are many new technological opportunities that can help us in the race to zero emissions. Some of these opportunities are: hydrogen to store and transport energy, sustainable fuels to reduce planet impact of transport, more efficient batteries accelerating sustainable energy and carbon capture technology to reduce shipping emissions. On top of this we see digitalization as the main catalyst for all these new technologies.

We believe that we can make the impact needed on our planet by focussing on tech in these three sectors:
Climate Energy Maritime


We are all aware of the climate urgency but, getting to zero is not as straigthforward as it sounds. It is a complex puzzel of employing the most innovative technologies together. Besides shifting towards zero emission and circular supply chains, we need to explore how to undo our earlier emissions by employing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies. Additionally, life below water is a major component of our planet's ecosystem. Therefore, technologies concerning reef rehabilitation and plastic reduction are just as essential for our road to zero.


We need to transform the way we think about energy. One tends to think of oil refineries, gas stations and factory chimneys while we should think about solar power, green hydrogen and electric cars. We have a massive amount of energy within our planet, we just need to use it in a sustainable and emission free way. By implementing innovative technologies like smart charging, (mega-) batteries and hydrogen trading platforms, we believe that we can go to a society that produces and consumes lots of energy for centuries without any greenhouse gases.


According to the OECD, the maritime industry accounts for around 90% of world trade. Therefore, accelerating the transition in this industry would have a massive impact. Like all clean tech solutions, this begins by digitalization and generating data. Big data can give us insighths about fuel reductions, impact on ocean life and logistical inefficiencies. By shifting towards alternative fuels and batteries together with leveraging big data in the maritime sector, we can make a big hit on emission reductions.

Let's connect

For questions, tips, advice or simply anything else you would like to share with us. Please send us an email using info@platformzero.co You can also stay connected and updated via our social channels LinkedIn and @Twitter. Make sure you don't miss anything!