We are all about making a positive impact on the planet together with all the people around us. To make a real impact we dare to dream big and green. We are open and aim to treat both the planet as well as the people around us with the utmost respect. This means we are curious about the world, people and new tech and we aim to enjoy the ride.

Our mission

We are on a mission to create a better planet
by scaling climate tech in the energy & maritime sector

Our values

Create big impact

We strive for net positive. Thinking small won't get us there. We keep our eyes on the prize, thinking big and aiming high to make it happen.
We prioritize lasting impact over short-term gains, and work with like-minded partners to add value where it matters. Our actions and decisions are guided by our impact goals.

Stay curious

Reaching net zero requires innovation. We need to stay open-minded to new approaches, consider different things and keep exploring.
No one knows everything, always assume there is more to learn. Be humble, explore, and stay curious.
We believe in our ability to reach net zero and keep looking for better ways to reach our goal.

Entrepreneurs mindset

We're ambitious and know that creating space for new solutions sometimes means parting with the old.
We're not afraid to be bold and fight for what we believe in. We take the best way over the easy way, and keep pushing the envelope.

Diversity as a strength

Reaching net zero requires collaboration from all of us. Different people, with different worldviews, needs and experiences. We strive to design for inclusivity, keeping things simple and accessible.
We believe diversity leads to more impact.
We challenge ourselves to understand other people's points of view and stay open-minded to new ideas.

Be a great human

We care for each other and we care for our planet. We treat each other and our surroundings with respect.
We strive to be great human beings.
We work towards net zero and push the envelope to get there, leading the way into a sustainable future. We make an effort and we do as we say.
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