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Our campus

Platform Zero is a physical and digital hub for all climate and energy related innovators, aficionados and stakeholders. We are planning to create a climate campus in this area where startups, corporates and NGOs can have their offices and come together to co-create and collaborate on sustainable solutions for wicked challenges. The physical hub is situated in the upcoming M4H area in Rotterdam.
If you're interested in this topic please contact Auke Ferwerda at auke@platformzero.co


By focusing on the opportunities around sustainable energy, the maritime transformation and all that contributes to a positive planet, we believe that through ventures we will be able to solve our planet's biggest challenges. This includes opportunities aroung energy production, storage, transportation and trade, but also oppportunities around hydrogen, batteries, methanol and many more.
Do you think we can be of added value for eachother or do you have any questions? Please get in contact with Mare Straetmans at mare@platformzero.co


Together with the well renowned entrepreneur Peter Goedvolk and his First Dutch organisation, we have committed to invest ten million euros in the coming five years in ventures that have exponential growth potential.
Do you fall into the focus area and do you meet up to our criteria (they can be read here). Then, feel free to get in touch with Ferdi Gozukara at ferdi@platformzero.co

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For questions, tips, advice or simply anything else you would like to share with us, please send us an email using info@platformzero.co. Of course, you can also connect with us personnally for any topic that is not mentioned above. If you want to do so, please check out our people page.
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