We are on a mission to create a better planet by scaling climate tech in the energy & maritime sector. Therefore we focus on the opportunities around sustainable energy, the maritime transformation and all that contributes to our mission.


We identify the big challenges for this planet and try to find startups/scale-ups with a promising and scalable solution. If we cannot find a suitable venture, we will just create it ourselves! Underneath you can see our very own first venture: Container Zero

Container zero

Achieving zero emissions for more than 90% of the transport of goods worldwide would be a major win for our planet. We are aiming to realize this through the following objectives:
  • 2022: Create 100 emission free containers through carbon offset
  • 2025: Have a viable alternative option for emission free transport
  • 2030: Set emission free container transport as a standard

  • We are fans of tech ventures

    Why? Because we believe they can have a significant positive contribution in our quest for a better planet.

    These are some of the challenges where we are still looking for new ventures:

    Creating new hydrogen business cases:

    We can contribute to the full value chain from hydrogen production to consumption through the following objectives:
  • Stimulate the development of attractive business cases in trucking, shipping and air (freight)
  • Boost the infrastructure and the development of policies towards hydrogen
  • Prove the profitability of green hydrogen related innovations

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