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Platform Zero is the hub for all climate and energy-related innovators, aficionados and stakeholders to co-create and collaborate on sustainable solutions. Our first campus is located in the thriving M4H area in Rotterdam and soon more will follow on our campus in Portugal. Join our community to accelerate your climate impact!

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Physical campus

Platform Zero isĀ the campusĀ for all climate and energy related innovators, aficionados and stakeholders. TheĀ campusĀ is situated in the upcoming M4H area in Rotterdam. As a conduit between the people in the city and the businesses in the port area , M4H is well positioned to become the next climate valley.Ā We are now open forĀ startups, corporates, investorsĀ and NGOsĀ that want to haveĀ their officeĀ in the ecosystem where peopleĀ co-create and collaborate on sustainable solutions forĀ impactfulĀ challenges. Contact us if you are interest to become part of this community via !
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